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An enjoyable and readable textbook on mathematics, LA4CS introduces the essential concepts and practice of Linear Algebra to the undergraduate student of computer science.

The focus of this book is on the elegance and beauty of the numerical techniques and algorithms originating from Linear Algebra. As a practical handbook for computer and data scientists, LA4CS restricts itself mostly to real fields and tractable discourses, rather than deep and theoretical mathematics.

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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Linear Algebra!

In today’s age of machine learning and artificial intelligence, Linear Algebra is the branch of mathematics that holds the most relevance to computing.

Why learn Linear Algebra in computer science and data analytics? Its role is similar to that of the alphabet or vocabulary or grammar in learning a language. If we want to be a writer, for instance, we have to be good at all these aspects of the language of our choice. Having these background skills alone is not enough; it will not make us a writer. But what is absolutely certain is that without these skills, we will never be a writer, not a good one at any rate.
Linear Algebra, in much the same way, is really the basic backdrop of several of the pivotal numerical algorithms in computer science and machine learning.

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Manoj Thulasidas

Manoj Thulasidas is an Associate Professor of Computer Science (Education) who teaches Data Analytics and Linear Algebra to undergraduate students of computer science and information systems at Singapore Management University.

His other works include The Unreal Universe, an inquiry into the philosophical underpinnings of physics (from his career as a physicist at CERN in Geneva) and Principles of Quantitative Development, a practitioner’s guide to the lucrative profession of quantitative finance (from his experiences as a quant in Singapore).


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